Supernova's method is rooted on the sustainable development model

The aim is to create places where nature, people and the economy thrive harmoniously, generating opportunities, social inclusion and environmental sustainability, improving the present and the future.

Environmental sustainability

The development of each initiative promotes energy-efficient and performing building, using renewable energies, ecological materials and technologies, and cyclo-pedestrian and electric mobility. The remediation of polluted sites, the disposal, restoration and reuse of demolition materials and the creation of new green areas are some of the implemented activities to create healthy, resilient and eco-friendly places. Environmental sustainability offers long-term economic benefits, such as more energy efficiency, operating cost reduction, and attractiveness for all.

Social sustainability

Generating positive social impact and promoting inclusive communities are the goals pursued by Supernova. Our commitment is to create places that foster interaction, social inclusion and the development of cohesive communities. It means eliminating the state of decay of the disused sites and creating new, safe, and social spaces, with play and sports areas, whose aim is to welcome leisure and cultural activities. All these actions improve the quality of life and generate long-term value for the community, the stakeholders and the investors.


Inclusive citizen planning guides the decision-making process, directly involving local institutions, public offices and other essential stakeholders and placing great importance on listening to the territory's needs. Responsibility, transparency and ethical management generate a trusting environment for investors and everyone involved and help achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability goals while developing our initiatives.